Artin Koudalakian's old postcards from Lebanon

Artin Koudalakian has kindly contributed the images of old Lebanon from his extensive collection of postcards, photographs, prints and watercolors.


Promenades de Bicfaya - Place de Casino

Jebail, Lebanon - N.E.R. Armenian orphanage

Beyrouth - marché aux fruits preè la grande Mosquèe.

Beyrouth - Le Fleuve de Beyrouth

Beyrouth - Le Port

Vue générale de Beyrouth

Vue générale de Collége Ameréricain

Sidon - Une ancienne suq

Beyrouth - l.Arriveé de Général Gouraud

Liban - Jounieh

Bédouins - Djeunieh - Liban

Beyrouth (Syrie) - Place des Canon - Jardin public (Partie centrale)

Tyre - David Roberts

Mt. Liban - Zahle - Muntazah Wadi

Baalbak - David Roberts

(Large 1024x760)

Saida - David Roberts

(Large 1024x760)

The postcards are all from the period between 1880 - 1930, while the copies of the David Roberts prints are from the middle 19th century. The low quality of these images (except for the last two Roberts prints) is because they have been captured off HI8 video film which was taken at the shop during the April War of 1996.

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