Al mashriq - The Levant

Abu Saba pictures from Mieh-ou-Mieh, Lebanon

Photographs contributed by Elias Abu-Saba, 1998.

The Port of Sidon, March 1957

Georges Abu-Saba and Saba Saikaly (parents of Elias Abu-Saba), March 1957.

Hanna Inati, an agricultural engineer from Qafr Hazir, North Lebanon. The site is south west of Mieh-ou-Mieh, near Ein Zeitoun. The house shown in the background was that of Fadlo Adib, a neighbor of Hanna makhkhoul. The camels were used for transportation and were owned by Mieh-ou-Mieh families.

Mother and father and paternal aunt of Elias, picture taken in the summer of 1970.

Mother of Elias baking marqouque, Lebanese village bread, Georges Abu-Saba, father, stoking the fire, a niece helping the mother, and Leila, Elias gaughter who was two at the time wating the process. Picture was taken in Summer of 1964.

Georges Abu-Saba ploughing the field, March 1957.

Elias helping a farmer ploughing in the Biqa, March of 1957.

Elias' cousin and family: Souad Saikaly wife of Youssef, Youssef, a cousin, father of Elias, Elias, March 1957

In front of Youssef's house and Youssef's family including some relative kids and Youssef' mother, Christina and Elias and his father,March 1957. Youssef's house in the background was destroyed by Israeli bombing in 1990 and was rebuilt three years later.

Father of Elias posing for a photo while ploughing, March 1957.

Mother of Elias Sabat Saikaly was weeding the wheat field, March 1957.