A thousand pictures from Lebanon - July / August 1995 and April 1996

© Børre Ludvigsen and Antonia Reime


The road north, Tripoli, St. Gille, salt pans, Saida, Damour, gypsies, El Ouzaai, Berry's petrol station, Prof. Helga Seeden. (1995)
BCD (Beirut Central District), the Grand Theatre, Bikfaya, approaching Beirut, the airport, Sannine, Saida, Hammam el Ward, the Great mosque, Khan el Franj, the palace of Fakhreddine. (1995)
AUB excavations in BCD, Prof. Helga Seeden - George and Elie at Uncle Sam's, Beirut from BHannis, MsaylHa castle, Kusadasi (Turkey), the mountains around Bikfaya, Rouche (Pigeon Rocks), Amchit, the Grand Theatre, the Lebanese University excavations in BCD. (1995)
St. Gille, Tripoli, Jbeil (Byblos), ACS (American Community School), parking ticket, AUB (American University of Beirut), hotel district, BCD, Nahr el Kalb, Saida, Tapline. (1995)
Ashrafiyeh, Ain Remman, Bikfaya, St. George, Rue Bliss, AUB, ACS, (underwater Kusadasi - Turkey), Jbeil (Byblos), old photo of el Bourj, Jounieh Bay, Nahr el Kalb, BCD, AUB excavation, Hans Curvers, "motor", mountains, (1995)
Posters, Damour, Deir el Qamar, Kamal Jumblat, Beiteddine, Beqaa, Mieh-ou-Mieh, "Green Line", AUB excavations, araq distilling, Bhamdoun, Mazraa, Berri, Ashrafiye. (1995)
Saida, Ein el Helwe, Maghdouchi, Meih-ou-Mieh, Beirut Airport, Posters, "Green Line", Bikfaya, Saida, Damour, Crosswires, BCD, Hamra, Ashrafiyeh, mountains,Church, Army Day posters, air pollution, army, fish mongers, Army Day posters. (1995)
Tapline, Khan el Franj - Saida, Saida, Ein el Helwe, Maghdouchi, Zahrani, Saida, road to Mieh-ou-Mieh, Saida souk school / palace, Khan el khashabb, Saida sea front, Ain Remmen, Lebanese University, BCD, electricity switch, Bikfaya, Turkey. (1995)
Jounieh, Casino du Liban, Tabarja, Jounieh, cellular, school games, mountains, Beirut sea shore, Doura, "Green Line", gypsy encampment, road to Saida, Jbeil, Army, architectural detail, BCD, French excavations (Bourj), Bourj, BCD, me, Bus, Beit ed Dine Valley, Jabal Barouk, Beqaa, Jbeil, Gro Strand, BCD, Lebanese University excavations, map of souks, Elie after a long day, Sea Castle Saida. (1995)
Underwater photographs from Amchit. (1995)
Larnaca, AUB Campus, Bikfaya, Saida, Tapline (Zahrani), Ein-el-Helwe, Maghdouche, Mieh-ou-Mieh, Sri-Lankan maid, Makhouls, Beirut, Nabih Berri, Saida. (Antonia Reime 1995)
Saida souks, palace / school, mountains, Tripoli, Jbeil, Yousif Makhoul. (Antonia Reime 1995)
Bikfaya, BCD, Ras Beirut, ACS, Beirut and Amchit. (Antonia Reime)
Saida souks and Castle of the Sea. (Antonia Reime 1995)
Saida, bus, Bikfaya, Beirut, road to Saida, Saida. (1995)

A travel description from our visit to Lebanon, the summer of 1995.


Deir-el-Mkhallas (Joun) - the ruin of Lady Hester Stanhope's house at Dahr-el-Sitt (Joun) - Yousif Makhoul - Joun to the coast road - war damaged house - Jounieh - Saida and the coastal road - Hamzeh Bizri. (1996)
Beirut Corniche - Packing relief supplies at West Hall, AUB - Hizballah collecting money for the South - AUB campus - Rue Kennedy - The Jewish Cemetery - The Beqaa Valley - Cricket.

My travel description, articles and video images from April 1996.

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