We shall return

Lyrics & music: Rahbani Brothers

We shall return to our village one day / and drown in the warmth of hope / we shall return / though time passes by / and distances grow between us.

O heart don't drop wearied / on the path of our return / how it wounds our pride / that birds tomorrow will return / while we are still here.

There are hills / sleeping and waking on our pledge / and people who love / their days comprised of waiting / and nostalgic songs / places where willows fill the eye / Bending over the water / while afternoons in their shade / drink in the perfume of peace.

We shall return / the nightingale told me / when we met on a hill / that nightingales still / live there on our dr eams / and that among the yearning hills / and people there is a place for us / 0 heart then / how long has the wind scattered us.

Come, we shall return / let us return.

From Fairouz; Legend and Legacy

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