Al mashriq - The Levant

Ziad el Rahbani

Jean Chamoun

"We're still alive - say Allah!"

Recordings from the satirical radio show by Ziad el Rahbani featured on the Sanaya (West Beirut) transmitter of Radio Lebanon during the early years of the civil war. (1975-78) These sketches are a series of courageous, forthright and candid views on various aspects of the war. Both dramatic and humorous, they are acutely perceptive and free of political inhibitions and as such tell the story of the war up until the Israeli invasion with little necessary supportive documentation.

The following files are in the MP3 streaming format and are digitized from 8 tapes recording the programs sent in 1975 and 76. They can be heard with free players like Freeamp (Linux), iTunes (Mac) and Winamp (Windows) - all available for downloading from the Internet.