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Ziad Rahbani's play "Lawla FusHatu l-Amali"

Date: Tue, 14 Feb 1995 09:39:53 -0500
From: philo@sunesc.East.Sun.COM (philo von mtein)
Subject: Re: the picture

Advertisement taken from An-Nahar for Ziad Rahbani's play "Lawla FusHatu l-Amali", which played in 1994, at the Picadelli theater in Beirut. The photograph shows the female cast of the play, which includes:

  1. l-'akhle' or "morals", in white with the aureole
  2. Ako, daughter of "masare" from his previous play "be khSous l-karame w Sh-sha@b l-@anid". Ako is the one with the spiky hair next to l-'akhle'.
  3. jurthuma, or "bug", on the left of akhle'. Singer and all around teen ager.
The play got critical reviews in Lebanon. It was not very well received by the public, although it played to almost sold out shows for several months. Many critics argued that Ziad was becoming more and more desperate and his two recent plays were only cries of frustration of an artist who has produced such classics as "Film amerikiy Tawil" and "nazl s-suruur". This argument is supported in the play's end where "l-kahraba" (electricity seen in the picture with the zigzag on the head) leaves and the only person left in "lebanon" is the policeman, played by ziad himself. The policeman lays down on the bench and says : "at least, we still have fairuz", as his transistor radio plays 2 tracks of Fairuz simultaneously, mixed in with a turkish version of one of Fairuz's songs.

Ziad is the son of Fairuz and @assi Rahbani, two of the giants of lebanese music in the 20th century.