Modern Lebanese Proverbs

(From Anis Freyha, "A Dictionary of Modern Lebanese Proverbs" (Arabic - English) 1974, 2nd edition 1994, Librarie du Liban, Riad Solh Square, Beirut, Lebanon)

Samples from the over 4000 proverbs in the book.

The last resort is the hot iron. (2)

Towards the end of the night you shall hear shrill cries. (4)

   Have faith in a stone and you will be healed. (11)

Colder than a water carrier's arse. (19)

Farther than earth from heaven. (27)

The son of a son is dear, the son of a daughter a stranger. (34)

The son of your son is yours, the son of your daughter is not. (35)

  A man of sixty (is only good) for slaughtering. (lit. for the knife) (42)

When your son is young, discipline him; when he grows older, be a brother to him. (54)

A man with one plan (lit. intention) goes out (to execute it); a man with two plans becomes perplexed. (57)

Let truble (lit. evil) alone, and trouble will let you alone. (61)

Tire out your body, but not your mind. (62)

Exert effort, you shall be rewarded. (lit. tire yourself out for the sake of something and you shall get it.) (63)

When the wolf comes for the sheep, the dog goes to deficate. (73)

What luck! It is God-sent. (lit. It came, and God brought it.) (84)

(When) They came to shoe the horseof the sultan, the beetle (came along) and stuck out her foot. (94)

An intelligent deaf-mute is better than an ignorant person who can speak. (115)

If your messenger tarries, expect good. (128)

If you conduct yourself properly, fear no one. (130)

If you come back from a journey, offer your family (something) thoughit be only a stone. (137)



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