Al mashriq - The Levant



  • Map with pictures from Beirut
    © Børre Ludvigsen 1997-
  • Old photograph from Martyrs Square
    Contributed by Jon Stacey (ACS '62)This is a view at the southwest corner of the square looking west.
  • Familiar view from the 50's
  • Pictures
    From a portion of the Corniche @ain mraisseh area in 1964 and 1970.
  • Rue Bliss 1964
  • Rue Jeanne d'Arc
    Panoramas from November 1996
  • The Synagogue of Wadi Bujmil in Beirut
    Photographed in 1993 and 1998
  • Al Manara 1928
    Photo taken by Esther Ward Easton in 1928 - Courtesy of Paul Ward ACS '27
  • A large panorama photograph of Beirut by the Bonfils family

  • Postcards

  • Historical postcards of Beirut
    From the program for Fairuz' concert at the saHet el burj in the autumn of 1994.

    From Fuad Debbas' book of postcards from Beirut (1880 - 1930)
  • The Burj 1 and text
  • The Burj 2 and text
  • Al Manara and text
  • The Bay of St. Andrew and text
  • Sursock Street and text
  • Souss vendor and text
  • Jewish woolcarders and text

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