Al mashriq - The Levant


Other sources of information

  • Back to Beirut
    Lebanon is Open for Business, by William Tracy, 1998
  • "Bomba By" (Bombed City)
    Torgrim Eggen's fascinating, insightful and unapologetic description of Beirut as it was in 1993 (in Norwegian).
  • The Paths of History The archeological projects in the BCD.
    From 1995
  • The AUB Campus in the 1950's
  • Article about AUB from Asharq-Alawsat magazine
    Number 431, 28th Sep--4th Oct.
  • AUB/MIT Collaborative Research Project on Multimedia Educational Technologies
  • ACS - The American Community Scool
  • Bliss Street
    The way it was - an article by Nabeel G. Ashkar (from the AUB Bulletin May 1995, Vol.37, No.2)
  • A short article on emergency archaeology during reconstruction.
  • Beirut Diary by Robert Fisk
    The Independent, 25 October 1995.
  • Beirut Hotels, August 1995
  • Solidere's website

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