Fouad Debbas "Beirut Our Memory, An Illustrated Tour in the Old City from 1880 to 1930", (c) 1986 Naufal Group, Beirut, Lebanon, (c) 1986, Cesar Debbas & Fils, Beirut, Lebanon.

Also entitled; "Beirut Our Memory, A guided tour illustrated with postcards from the collection of Fouad Debbas"

It is a wonderful treasure trove of images from beirut of the late 1800's and the first part of this century. It describes the postcard trade of Beirut and covers Beirut, district by district through the images preserved on postcards from various periods. It also includes a brief political history of the city as seen through the postcards of the time.

The book also includes some wonderful pictures of the heart of the city demolished by the Turks in 1915 - which once again is the subject of rebuilding. (See also my pictures from Saida in another directory here.)

These are some illustrastions from the book reproduced by permission of Fuad Debbas:

The Burj 1 and text
The Burj 2 and text
Al Manara and text
The Bay of St. Andrew and text
Sursock Street and text
Souss vendor and text
Jewish woolcarders and text

- Barre Ludvigsen