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    Marjayoun more properly "Jedaidat Marjayoun" is famous as the place of orgin of many distinguised Lebanese emigrants and their families, such as the first jet ace, Major James Jabara, of Korean war frame, and for Mrs. Kerr's Self Help Center. It is important locally as the largest Lebanese town of the South Beqaa and as the district headquarters, as well as being the market center of the region. It has always been an army garrison town, guarding the nearby (8 kms.) Palestinian frontier, and being in a commanding position on its hillside, provides many scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

    But that it also holds interesting antiquities is generally unknown.

    The name itself may come from the ancient lost city of Iyyon by later confusion with ayoun, the Arabic plural for "spring". "Marj" of course is simply "plain", thus "Plain of the Springs". The plain proper extends south from the present town to the Palestinian frontier and is surrounded on three sides by hills. Near the north end of the plain and less than two kilometers below the town is Tell Debbin, thought to be the actual site of the lost Iyyon.

    This text is from Bruce Condès "See Lebanon - Over 100 Selected Trips, With History and Pictures". Harab Bijjani Press, Beirut, Lebanon 1960