Old photographs from Mieh-ou-Mieh
These old photographs from in and around the village of Mieh-ou-Mieh near Saida in South Lebanon, are from the St. George's Church calendar 1996 given to me in Beirut by Yousif Makhoul in April, 1996.

- Børre Ludvigsen <borrel@hiof.no>

The captions are the originals from the calendar.

A View from Mieh - Mieh 1966

Inauguration of St. Mary statue in Mieh-ou-Mieh, 1966

Father Youssef Wakim (center) and Abu Majid Najim (right) in the inauguration of the new Mieh-ou-Mieh church. (1937)

Father George El Hayek's funeral and Ayoub Sikaly seems at the left. (1932)

A quarry in Mieh-ou-Mieh area, Abou Elias Hanna at the left, then Abou Emil Nawfal and Joubran Tannous Wakim.

Construction of Ramapo-Hall. (1908)

Ayoub Saikaly Photo.

A wedding, (near the actual Senior's Club). Toufic Khalil Simaan (on shoulders) abd the groom is behind.

The old fashion water transportation from Fawar. Hanna Makhoul is near Youseef Nahed's house. Toufic El Hayek's house is in the rear.

Catherine, Abu Azar's wife, Im Bassila and Fahoum. Antoun El Hayek's wife are in front of the big castle. (1946)

Tannous Wakim, Gergy Wakim, Gergy Abou Zeid and Georges Farid El Khoury.

George Rachid Francis' wife - Latifeh in the first car brought to Mieh-ou-Mieh. (1932)

House of George El Khoury Saikoly. (1956)

Elias Abou Zeid's family at his house's front door. (left)
A wedding in Mieh-ou-Mieh Elias Semaan seems in the middle.


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