• The Cedars at Al Arz
    Phtotgraphed in October 1997
  • Cedars of Lebanon "The Old Grove"
    From Bruce Condè, See Lebanon, 1960

    Simply known as the "The Cedars," this resort settlement in Lebanon's highest range is one of the most dramatically beautiful spots in the country. Its centerpiece is an ancient grove of cedars, a tree synonymous for millennia with Lebanon itself. Just below The Cedars is the town of Bsharre, birthplace of Gibran Khalil Gibran.

    You first arrive at a large assortment of hotels, chalets, night clubs and restaurants, which though not a village, does form a community of residents, visitors and local proprietors.

    About a kilometre further on is the famous cedar grove where the road is lined with the inevitable souvenir stands and small restaurants. The same road continues to the ski area at 2,066 meters and goes over the mountain and down into the Beqaa valley.

    The Cedars is a resort for all seasons. In summer the high elevation make it wonderful escape from the humid coast while in winter skiing is the favourite activity.