Al mashriq - The Levant

Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 15:15:45 +0200
From: Elie Wardini <>
Subject: A News Blurb

>From al-Nahar 23rd. June 1995 page 6:
(a quick translation)

A Press Confenrence to Defend The Archeological Sites of the City:

The Intellectuals of Baalbak want to Stop the Plans for New Roads At 12 o'clock noon time today [23rd. June 1995] the Union of Intellectuals in Baalbak will hold a press conference in the offices of the Journalists Union in order to protect their city and save its historical sites.

The intellectuals of Baalbak are demanding that the state ignore the road plans that pass through the archeological sites since these roads will be the cause of their destrcution and will open them for stealing and disappearence.

The Union (of intellectuals) are appealing to the president of the Republic and all the authorities to give orders to stop to occurence of one of the many massacres against history and the future due to the dangers that threaten the city.

The Union (of intellectuals) are appealing to the UNESCO and the United Nations to interfere to protect the archeological sites of Baalbalk which archeological and historical importance goe beyong Lebanon especially if the state does not respond to their cries of grief asking to stop the new raod plans.

The intellectuals of the region are expressing their fear that there be constructed an electrical transformer infront of "Jupiter" and infront of "Baccus" a grocery store. THis especially after installing electrical transformers at the spot where the statue of Khalil Mutran stood!

These (Intellectuals) raise their voices loud against everything that may hurt Baalbak, the city that stands elevated in history loaded with history.