Ras Beirut
A portion of West Beirut, Lebanon 1992
Images courtesy of SPIN-2 - Aerial Images Inc., 1997
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This satellite image covering part of Ras Beirut was acquired at approximately 9:30AM on May 21, 1992 by a Russian space reconnaisance satellite orbiting at 110 kilometers above the city. The satellite is designed to provide highly detailed photographs of the earth surface that can be used to produce accurate maps. The on-board camera system is known as a KVR-1000 panoramic camera that generates images with 2 meter resolution. This is the highest resolution data available to the civilian market place today. Although the data was originally intended to be used for military and intelligence purposes, it is now used for a variety of peaceful applications such as urban planning, mineral exploration, infrastructure mapping, cadastral mapping and natural resource management. SPIN-2, located in Washington,D.C., markets this high resolution data on behalf of the data supplier SOVINFORMSPUTNIK, located in Moscow, Russia.