(See the general section on archaeology.)

  • Bruce Condè, See Lebanon
    "Over 100 Selected Trips with History and Pictures", 2. edition, 1960
  • Baalbak
  • A Press Conference to Defend The Archeological Sites of the City (of Baalbak)
    From al-Nahar 23rd. June 1995 page 6.
  • Beirut
  • The place of archaeology in the reconstruction of Beirut.
  • Urban Archaeology '94. Beirut.
  • Archaeological Excavations in the Souks Area of Downtown Beirut 1994-1995
  • The Paths of History - The archeological projects in the BCD.
  • BEY-025
    Excavation of a Roman and Byzantine bathing complex in downtown Beirut; an article in assemblage
  • Saida
  • A. Poidebard & J. Lauffray, Saida - Etude Aerienne, au Sol et Sous-Marine
    AmSnagements Antiques du port de Saida, 1946-50 (Aerial photographs of Saida, Jbeil and Latakia)
  • Tyre
  • A. Poidebard, Un Grand Port Disparu, TYR.
    Recherches Aériennes et Sous-Marines, 1934 - 1936
    Aerial photographs of Saida, Tyre, Saida Island and Rouad Island from 1934 -35
  • Necropolis of al-Bass at Tyre
    Exavations at a Phoenician cemetery, from the Laboratory of Archaeology at the Universitate Pompeu Fabra. Warning, this site has a large gif that takes awhile to download. In Spanish.

  • Archaeology in Lebanon in the Twentieth Century
    by William A. Ward. Biblical Archaeologist, Vol.57 No.2 June 1995
  • Levantine Castles
    This page contains links to 72 photographs of Levantine castles and portions of detailed maps showing their locations. The pictures are from:
    Les Châteaux des Croisés en Terre Sainte: Le Crac des Chevaliers, Paul Deschamps, Paris, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, 1934.
    Les Châteaux des Croisés en Terre Sainte II: La Défense du Royaume de Jérusalem, Paul Deschamps, Paris, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, 1939.
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