(See also the articles on the history and geography of Beirut by May and Michael Davie.)

  • A War Correspondent Returns to Beirut
    Written by Bill Blakemore, ABCNews.
  • Up from Despair
    Lebanon presents a paradigm of hope as it stages a startling recovery from civil strife and the rubble left behind.
    (Cover story, Time Magazine International, Jan. 15, 1996)
  • Lebanon - A Heritage to Restore
    An article from the Aramco World Magazine March - April 1994, by Kerry Abbott.
  • Lebanon - Up From the Ashes
    From the Aramco World Magazine, January-February 1994.
  • Paradise Lost: Memories of a Golden Age
    From the Aramco World Magazine September - October 1982.
  • A report from our visit to Lebanon, the summer of 1995.
    Written by Børre Ludvigsen.
  • Rania Masri's reflections on her trip to Lebanon in the summer of 1994
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