(See also the section on geology).

Lebanon and Beirut:

  • Articles on the history and geography of Beirut
    By May and Michael Davie.
  • The Lebanon Village Archives
    Photographs from the villages of Lebanon.
    Population studies:
  • Women's education, economic activity and fertility: relationship re-examined
    By Prern C. Saxena and Habbouba Y. Aoun
    (From the Digital Documentation Center at AUB)

  • Maps
  • DMA Map of Beirut 1978 1:12,500
    25% size 6.5Mb JPEG
    100% size 552Mb TIFF
  • Detailed 1:200 000 maps of Lebanon
    In Arabic and English
  • Maps of Beirut
    From the 1960's.
  • Map of the Israeli occupation zone in South Lebanon
    January 1998
  • Map of Beirut of 1876
  • Satellige imagery of Ras Beirut
  • Simple Contour map of Lebanon
  • Good general map of Lebanon
    From the CIA
  • Good general map of the Middle East
    From the CIA
  • Small (24K) and large (748K)
    LandSat Maps of the Middle East. These maps are topographical maps used to select appropriate LandSat images of the area.
  • Middle East maps
    From the CIA (an extensive set of simple, but good maps).
  • Imagery from space
  • High resolution radar image
    Of a portion of Lebanon north and east of Beirut.
  • An HRPT picture of the east Mediterranean coast from a weather satellite
  • Explanation of the HRPT image
  • A color image of the whole Middle East from deep space
  • Search for photographs of Lebanon taken from the Space Shuttle.
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