Language and Litterature
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Information sources
  • Biblib
    Bibliotheques et Conservation du Patrimoine Graphique au Liban

  • Dar El Ilim Lilmalayin
    The oldest and largest leading privately owned publishing and distributing house of arabic books and educational materials in the arab world.

  • Marilyn Stafford Silent Stories
    A Photographic Journey through Lebanon in the Sixties
  • Notes from the Minefield: United States Intervention in lebanon and the Middle East, 1945 - 1958
    By Irene L. Gendzier, Columbia University Press, New York 1997 ISBN 0-231-10474-X
  • Latest books on Lebanon
  • Lebanon on Hold - Implications for Middle East Peace
    Edited by Rosemary Hollis and Nadim Shehadi.This collection of analytical essays highlights critical issues at stake for Lebanon and the peace process as seen by 16 international specialists in the wake of the April War.
  • Bookshops

  • Librarie du Liban
  • Books about the war, history and some bibliography on Lebanon
    Also contains civil war timelines.
  • Language

  • "Al Tariq al Jadid" - The New Way - Lebanese elementary school reading book from 1938.

    Learning Arabic
  • The Modern Standard
  • The Arabic On-Line Classroom

    Proverbs and folktales
  • A Dictionary of Modern Lebanese Proverbs
    From Anis Freyha

  • Alphaleb 1.0 for transliteration of Lebanese dialects
  • Followup to Alphaleb 1.0

  • Canaanite placenames in Lebanon with map.
  • Poetry

  • "To Beirut, the female, with apologies"
    Nizar Qabanis poem
  • Writers

    George Gordaq
    The Lebanese poet reading his own poetry.

  • "Al Jadid on Adonis - A Poet Responds: Some Further Remarks on Arabic Poetry,"
    By Etel Adnan

    Khalil Gibran
    "Dead Are My People" (written in exile during the famine in Syria and Lebanon under World War I).
  • Part 1,
  • Part 2,
  • Part 3
  • "My Countrymen"

    Nadia Tueni and George Schehad

    Al-Mukh!bbal of the Sa'd ibn Zayd-Manat of Tamim
  • " The Shades of Death Would Track Me Down"

    Amin Maalouf
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