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Ad verbum: Mottatt 22.05.93. STRENGT FORTROLIG. Chairman Verbal Message to H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs.

  1. I thank you very much for the efforts and excellent facilities you have provided.
  2. I reaffirm my trust and confidence in your good self and Norwegian Government as a facilitator. I am looking in due time. You will have a direct mediator role.
  3. I shall be pleased to meet you next July in Tunis during your visit to Tunisia.
  4. The efforts and discussions conducted under your auspices have achieved a significant progress. Both sides need these efforts to continue beside the negotiations, in order to overcome any further obstacles even in the details.
  5. I hope that you will convey to US administration during your visit:
    1. The prolongation of the blockade of the P.L.O. will neither be conducive to the peace process, nor to the US efforts.
    2. Our genuine intention for the achievement of just, comprehensive, and lasting peace does not require further testing and more assurances.
    3. The prolongation of the closure of the O.P.T. [Occupied Palestinian Territories] does not assist our efforts nor the peace process, which need a suitable atmosphere of CBMs [Confident Building Measures], to help in creating supportive public opinion.
    4. Facilitating the implementation of human rights issues would be conductive to enhance the peace process. Similarly, providing assistance to the O.P.T. is becoming urgent and necessary. Particularly: universities, hospitals, municipalities, trade unions, cooperatives … etc.
    5. Supporting this chance, no doubt support and facilitate to overcome all difficulties and obstacles in negotiation.
    6. The D.O.P. is the base of real breakthrough, and a major element of CBMs. We feel that it’s the time to approve it.
    7. I reconfirm to you and to the US Administration our serious willingness to achieve real, just, lasting and comprehensive peace that can help to create stability, cooperation, and coexistence.
  6. In conclusion:
    1. The D.O.P. that has been agreed upon, despite some reservations, form an adequate basis for progress in the negotiations, and for the credibility of this dependable back channel. It’s ready-made gift to the Clinton administration from Isr. Palest. and Norway and therefor it need this blessing, efforts and support.
    2. Your support as well as the US has become more necessary.
    3. The credibility of this channel is very important, and we will do all possible to approve and to support that.
    4. Lifting the blockade on the P.L-O., the O.P.T. would help us, and assist the effort of all parties.

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