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Ad verbum: Minister of Foreign Affairs, Confidential. 19.7.93

Dear Mr. Holst,

Your personal letter to me is highly appreciated. I have studied it carefully together with the message conveyed by your special envoys. The information, the visit and participations of Ms. Juul and Mr. Larsen here has been of great importance for our deliberations and has contributed in a most valuable way to a better understanding of existing opportunities and obstacles. Your personal dedication and efforts in our common endeavor for peace and provision of extensive assistance in a variety of practical and analytical ways is and has been of the utmost importance to the now promising development of the peace process. It is my hope that we, on this basis, now have gained momentum for getting close to a historical breakthrough. Your participation has been of vital importance in overcoming barriers and directing the process. It is a pleasure to extend the gratitude of the Israeli Government, to yourself and your Government, for your pivotal role. I do look forward to seeing you in August in Oslo.

With high regards,
Yours sincerely Shimon Peres.

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