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Minister of Foreign Affairs, 684506
Jerusalem, August 5, 1993.
H.E. Mr. Hans Jurgen Holst, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dear Minister Holst,

Permit me to express to you my deepest gratitude on your latest correspondence of 27. July regarding Norwegian Channel. Your incisive and in-depth analysis of the evolving situation is of great value to us – both to Prime Minister Rabin and myself- in evaluation the very intricate dynamics of this unique channel and opportunity. I believe, as you do, that we have come to a decisive moment in the Oslo talks; positions have been clarified, trust has been established, limits of maneuverability have been tested. Now time is ripe for decisions. Decisions of this nature often seem burdened by risk. Yet, the biggest risk of all is the inability to take any risks and the devastating comfort of paralysis, causing the preservation of a dangerous status quo.

Palestinian-Israeli relations can move in one of two directions: the perpetuation of a tragic, futile and costly confrontation, or the opening of a new chapter of co-existence in mutual trust, dignity and security. It is not our moral or political intention to run the life of another people. We must not dominate their destinies, nor be dominated by their inability to reach compromises.

The gradual process proposed in Oslo is the fastest path, as it proposes progress in harmony with historical change.

From your in-depth description and analysis we learn that the PL too seem to sense, the time is right. Yet, I must share with you my honest concern, that again they may opt to aspire for a perfect solution, disregarding the common sense that the best solution is one that is compatible to both sides. Neither side should comply with futile procrastination. The vacuum may be filled by opposing forces, or with other initiatives, including the possibility of desired progress between Israel and Syria. Secretary Christopher is at this very moment visiting our region.

Another problem is related to the Palestinian desire to raise permanent status issues in other to guarantee the future. We know all too well that guaranteeing of tomorrow is not possible, as creating a new reality is the only alternative. Our immediate aim is to reach an accord on the basic principles, pertaining to the interim self-rule

(Declaration of Principles). Only on the basis of this achievement and its positive repercussions will we be able to explore the necessary outstanding details on Gaza and Jericho, including the possibility of a statement of the PLO leadership in this context. Today this seems premature. The signing of the Declaration of Principles could start a historic watch moving and create a new area of cooperation. The signing of the Declaration of Principles in 1993 would mean a 1995 beginning of negotiation on permanent status.

All this, Mr. Minister, was made possible very much to your unique role in facilitating the Oslo Channel. You permit the most special political process to take place away from distracting limelights. Our people tell me about your special involvement and hospitality. I am grateful for you to have created such a special environment for them. Facilitating this process you have been aware of every nuance and sensitivity of this special encounter. Above all, Mr. Minister, you are a real peacemaker, promoting peace for the sake of peace itself.

We will continue to keep in touch, as hopefully we approach the fruition of our mutual effort.

Yours sincerely,

Shimon Peres

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