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Appendix 10

Ad verbum:



  1. Come to inform about the results of the work in the back channel sponsored by Norway.
  2. Remind W.C.[Warren Christopher] about our conversation in Washington on May 28th and the encouragement and support he expressed on that occasion.
  3. Reemphasize the intention of injection substantive results into the Washington conference. We now have such results about which we went to inform our American friends and to discuss the modalities for how to inject them into the Washington conference.
  4. Describe the work in the cannel: Direct talks between Israelis and PLO representatives. As progress was made the Israeli participants was elevated ā€“ 13 round of negotiations in Norway. - Secrecy maintained with no serious leaks. Breakthrough accomplished in the wake of W.Cā€™s mission to the Middle East. ā€“ A DOP was initialled in secrecy in Oslo on August 20th.
  5. We want to share the DOP with our American friends to learn of their reaction and discuss the modalities for how to inject it into the Washington conference.
  6. The initialled DOP is not an approved document. We want to have it signed at the Washington conference.
  7. Several opinions may be envisaged for how to inject the DOP into the Washington Conference. Norway could submit it formally to the Palestinians, to Israel, the United States and Russia informing the addresses that it has been produced through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Another option would be for the Norwegians to submit it to the Americans to present it to the Washington Conference. A third option could be for the Norwegians to present it to the Washington conference at the request of parties which produced it.
  8. We should emphasize the urgency here. Til now we have managed to preserve secrecy. However, we cannot expect the success to continue forever. In fact, there are numerous signs that the story will break very soon. Both parties have to inform their key people and as the circle of those who are in the know broadens, the chances for leaks increase.
  9. We have to handle therefore also the issue of public presentation and we should like to discuss this with you.
  10. Both of us should like to speak to W.C. under four eyes about certain sensitive aspects.

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