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Appendix 11

Ad verbum:

04.09.93 Communicated at 1815 hrs per telephone
Summary of the Israeli position on the “7 points” paper.


  1. The Israeli intention is not to squeeze the PLO, but to build a new relationship based on cooperation and trust. They insist that they are working very hard to strengthen the PLO in order to strengthen the moderate forces and stimulate development. They insist also that they understand your predicament. They have to take their own constraints into account.
  2. The Israelis emphasize that the DPO should stand on its own base. Signatures not linked to recognition, only who signs.
  3. Peres insists that he cannot go back to the Cabinet with the document. To do so would amount to inviting proposals for changes which would throw the whole accomplishment into the dustbin of history.
  4. Peres insists also that it will be impossible for him to explain to his cabinet that chairman Arafat can only confirm and not decide on positions. The question then remains how he can confirm that he cannot decide.
  5. Your constitutional concerns are understood end appreciated and hence the Israelis consider that they have made important concession by including the last sentence in the last paragraph.
  6. The Israelis tell me that they cannot accept deleting “invalid” in relation to the relevant articles and provisions of the Covenant. If you prefer “null and void”, that will be accepted.
  7. In the penultimate paragraph “reaffirm the renunciation” of terrorism is neither acceptable to the Americans nor to the Israelis. The American point out that those renunciations predate the events which caused the US to break the dialogue with the PLO. For political reasons they therefor need a “fresh” statement.

You will appreciate that I am communicating these points after prolonged discussions with the Israelis and the Americans. My mandate is not to mediate, but to facilitate communications, explain positions, and search for points of convergence.

The situation is now very serious. The Israelis are able to wait a few weeks, but insist that the DOP be signed as scheduled. I know how hard this is for both parties, but remember that these words will soon be forgotten. The future depends on deeds and courageous leadership which you have shown till now. I am always available to facilitate further contacts and dialogue.

Johan Jørgen Holst

P.S. I should emphasize that there is flexibility on linguistic polishing to accommodate your sensitivities and that your rewriting of the last sentence of the penultimate paragraph is acceptable except as noted in point 7. above.

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