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Telefax from the Foreign Minister’s office
To: Fax No. 095-216-1-787-174 to Abu Ala
From Foreign Minister Johan Jørgen Holst
Date: September 6, 1993
Urgent – Please convey without delay

Dear friend,

  1. As agreed I am forwarding the following:
    • Outline of the report which I made to you and Abu Ammar on the telephone September 4, 1993.
    • A personal letter to Abu Ammar from me which I ask you to deliver to him.
    • The new draft of the “7 points” letter following my conversation with both parties tonight.
    • The new draft letter on Palestinian institutions in East Jerusalem.
  2. You should observe that I have to stay within the mandate which is to facilitate, communicate, explain and analyse the position of the parties. I have not been asked to mediate.
  3. I have attempted to make suggestions concerning the outstanding issues in the “7 points” letter, they comprise the major issues as I understand it.
  4. The letter on the Palestinian institutions requires some explanation:
    1. I have obtained Israeli acceptance to dropping the two introductory paragraphs of the pervious draft referring to Norway’s support of the institutions in question.
    2. I have obtained Israeli acceptance of breaking the letter into the operative paragraphs.
    3. The Israelis have accepted to change “Arab population” to “Palestinian population” in the penultimate paragraph. I have conducted lengthy conversations to explore their position. They are not ready or willing to go beyond the provisions in the DOP, arguing that the side letter must not be written in a manner which appears to modify or extend the provisions in the DOP. Hence, they refuse to include references to the holy places recalling that you objected to including in the DOP commitments to safeguard access to holy places. By the same logic explicit reference to pending negotiations is not acceptable to the Israelis. It is my judgment that there is a little or no flexibility on this point.
  5. We are now in the end game phase and time is running out. The American administration is fixed on having the signing ceremony in the White House next Monday (September 13th) They are consulting the Congressional leadership on Tuesday September 7th. Therefor they need an agreement on the “7 points” letter before then in order to obtain consent to inviting the PLO to participate in the White House ceremony (and to sign the DOP) If you cannot agree by September 7th, Israel and the United States consider that the DOP must be signed by the heads of delegations to the Washington talks.
  6. I stand ready to come to Tunis on Tuesday to obtain the signature on the “7 points” letter and to mark the splendid and courageous participations of the PLO in bringing peace to the Middle East. You will appreciate that I cannot come to continue negotiations. They have to be effectively concluded by tomorrow. I need your early confirmation of such arrangements.
  7. I shall look forward to today on or about 1400 hrs. in response to the drafts under discussions. I have informed the Israelis about this schedule. I shall be happy to communicate your positions and agreements expeditiously, faithfully and with full explanation which you will provide. I am always at your disposal in this truly historical endeavor.

Warm regards,
Johan Jørgen Holst

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