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Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Oslo, 8 October 1993
H.E. Shimon Peres, Foreign Minister of Israel,
URGENT- BY FAX No. +972 2 303 506

Dear Shimon [handwritten]

It was very good to see you in Washington. I wish only we had more time together. It is heartening and extremely encouraging to observe the progress on so many fronts. The process set in motion is developing its own momentum. It cannot, I believe, be reversed although it may be halted, frustrated and diverted. Hence, we must continue to pay careful attention to implementation and management. Shimon, I must urge you to sign the letter which you initialed in Jerusalem. As Uri will verify, the letter was carefully negotiated as a part of the total package. It was agreed that the letter should be handed to me as a signed letter on 13 september 1993 in presence of the PLO representatives at the signing ceremony in Washington. Several PLO representatives have written to me and oral form asked me if I can assure them that I have received the signed letter. I have not been able to do so, and I am afraid that as a consequence, their confidence in me and you is seriously eroded and could cause a major crisis in the implementation of the DOP. Uri assured Terje that the matter would be dealt with forthwith during the meeting in Washington last Friday. I told Abed Rabbo, but then nothing happened.

I must urge you therefore once more to provide me with a signed copy of the letter without a delay. I look forward to your early reply and to resuming our important cooperation and dialogue.

With warm regards,

Johan Jørgen Holst.

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