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Appendix 17

Ad verbum:


Jerusalem, 11 October 1993,

Dear Johan,

In response to your letter dated October 8 I would like to reiterate that we view Jerusalem as a city of human, religious and cultural mosaics. Jews as Muslims as well as Christians live in it with each community, preserving its cultural heritage, social patterns and institutions, as well as its educational systems. The harmonious co-existence in Jerusalem depends, therefore, on the continued functioning of these systems, institutions and holy sites.

I stated our view on this matter in the Knesset on September 9th 1993 and I am enclosing herewith the full statement I delivered.

In consistence with Israel’s above mentioned policy, I am enclosing my response to you, referring directly to the questions you raised.

I appreciate your effective involvement in the peace efforts, both in the political aspects and in the vital economic domain.

I look ahead in full conviction that we will succeed in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations we are currently beginning.

I hope we will soon have the opportunity to meet again and further continue our fruitful cooperation.

With warmest regards,

Very sincerely Shimon Peres,

His Excellency
Mr. Johan Jorgen Holst
Foreign Minister of Norway

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