Date: Mon, 1 Jun 1998 10:32:17 -0700
Subject: You're one of the Best Links on!

It's almost a year and you are still "The Best" on our site. 

Hi Borre Ludvigson!

We just want to say thanks.  Over the last year your site 
(your efforts) has played a big part in helping 
members find the best of the Web quickly.  The Internet 
community has acknowledged on several 
occasions as one of the best sites on the Net.  Most recently, signed a distribution agreement with Microsoft 
Canada Co. ( 
to provide a content StartClip for MSN Canada's recently 
released MSN Start.  As a result of this distribution agreement, 
The Microsoft Network's 2 million plus global members, as well 
as visitors to, will now have integrated 
access to's hundreds of contributing editors -- web 
guides with a passion, topics and links.  Your link included!

Our content distribution agreement with Microsoft Canada Co. 
is the result of the combined efforts of a great number of individuals 
and organizations.  While provides the infrastructure 
and our editors are responsible for the weekly columns, it is your 
site, and sites like yours that helped us gain the recognition that 
we wish to share today.  Your site, which has been chosen 
by Michael Siegel, contributing editor for Politics- Middle East, as one of 
the "Best of the Internet," deserves particular recognition.  In 
acknowledgement, we're sending you our newly revamped Top 
5  Best of Web Award.  We would be pleased and honored if 
you displayed this award on your site. 

Congratulations to you and your site.  We know the effort, time 
and dedication it takes to be the "Best."

You are invited to have a look at our site at (entry is easy and membership is free), 
check your listing, browse and comment.  Your interest and/or 
comments are appreciated.


Jason Pamer Editor in Chief

P.S.  Below you will find the instructions on how to download 
your (newly revamped) Top 5 Best of the Web Award.  We invite 
you to advertise your participation in our mutual achievement 
with the logo, and please feel free to use it as a link back to our 
site.  Here is the code to make it appear on your site and link back to us: Best of Web Logo

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 12:17:22 -0800
From: Michael L. Siegel 
Subject: Your site has been selected as among the best of the web by Suite101.

Hello.  Your site has been selected as among the top twenty five web
sites for Mid-East Politics on the Internet for a new internet company
called Suite101.  Suite101 is dedicated to giving users quick and timely
access to the best internet sites available.  I chose your site based
upon the quality, content and presentation of the information you
provide to viewers.  It is our hope that you will place a reciprocal
link to our site using the following html:

Suite101 Best of Web Logo

If you have any questions or want more information regarding Suite101
and its services, please email.

Thank you,

Michael Siegel              
Managing Editor, Politics
Contributing Editor, Mid-East Politics   



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